Thursday, 01/20/2022

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Releases for today
Video player with plugins
Multimedia Player
mpgtx, an MPeG ToolboX
Graphical media player
Another eMule file-sharing program
a dvd shrinking binary for linux
Multitrack audio processing tool
Raw copy title sets from a DVD to your harddisc
Sound Conversion Tools
Mazurka Project Plugins for Sonic Visualiser
Advanced JACK-based metronome
Toolbox for manipulating Ogg Video Files
WubFlip ladspa effect plugin
Video-DVD backup tool with GUI
Relays network connections via SOCKS and http(s) proxy
A tool to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify emails
Discovers DHCP servers on your network
Disk Information Utility
Library to access video DVDs
Lightweight Direct Connect Client
Yet Another Telephony Engine
A lightweight multimedia converter and audio CD ripper
Audio Tool Collection
GStreamer Streaming-Media Framework Plug-Ins
Tools from the LIVE555 Streaming Media project
Video Lan Client multimedia player
A recording/broadcasting program
A recording/broadcasting program
A standalone library of the Fraunhofer FDK AAC code from Android
Media center (formerly known as XBMC)
Media center (formerly known as XBMC)
Free Open-Source Disk Encryption Software
A nice music player
GUI audio-video converter for GNU/Linux
JavaScript interpreter
Command line tool for libx264
An Open Source Remake of the 1996 Game Z by Bitmap Brothers
Open H.265 video codec implementation
DVD-A Decoding Library
Set of libraries for working with various multimedia formats
EPSON Image Scan! front-end for scanners and all-in-ones
EPSON Image Scan! front-end for scanners and all-in-ones
An implementation of Audio Processing Technology codec (aptX)
A Multimedia Framework designed to be an audio and video server and more